Bad Habits That Make Your Hair Thinner

Chances are you never want to hear the word thin in reference to your hair even if you are trying to lose inches from your middle. It is not too late to save your strands if you have been shedding more than usual. 


It is true that our hair is an important part of our body because it not just gives us the confidence but also protect our head from elements such as heat. If you have problems due to declining hair, you can contact hair transplant Virginia for professional assistance. To help you, here are some bad habits that contribute to your thinning hair. 

    Taking Steam Showers 

Hot water dehydrates strands which lead to dry and brittle hair which is more susceptible to snap and fall out. The heat throws your scalp’s pores into overdrive to keep up with the oil production and washes your hair’s protective oils down the drain which can severely damage the root and lead to additional shedding.  

It is advisable that you take the temperature down a few degrees. You can still opt for a warm shower but it is essential that you rinse your hair with the coolest temperature possible. 

    Using Hot Styling Tools 

The proteins that make up your hair and its protective cuticle can be damaged with scorching temperature.  Once the cuticle is damaged, your hair is more prone to breakage because the moisture balance is disrupted. 

The best thing to do is limit your hot tool usage to two or three times a week and begin with the coolest setting possible. To reduce friction, it is important that you apply a heat-protection spray which will create a thermal barrier. 

    Crash Dieting 

It is true that if you starve yourself, you can force to direct its energy towards essential functions such as helping your heart and brain work rather than making hair. To save your strands, it is a good idea to eat a healthy diet with plenty of lean protein such as fish, lentils, chicken, and beans. 

    Mishandling Wet Hair 

Since protective cuticle is slightly raised, our strands are never more fragile and prone to breakage when they are saturated with water. You can create the perfect storm for snapping off by brushing or combing locks in the shower then following with aggressive towel drying. 

It is advantageous that before your hair gets wet, minimize post-shower brushing by combing. After you shower, do not rub hair, it is advisable that you blot your hair with a towel.  

    Wearing Tight Hairstyles 

You must be cautious if a tight ponytail or braid is your go-to look. Sporting these styles can put excessive tension on the hair follicles which can damage and create scars that destroy them permanently. This can lead to a condition that can permanently weaken the hair follicles and makes it impossible for hair to grow. 

Whenever possible, try wearing your hair down. Keep it soft when you do tie your strands back however if it is pulling on your skin, it is way too light. 




How to Hire a Professional Tree Care Company 

We sometimes don’t think that trees don’t need grooming or care. We think of them as resilient species who can withstand any storm or any damage. But it’s time that we need to change that mindset because the trees are slowly dying because of man’s negligence. Trees are valuable assets. They’re worth the investment because they pay us back in double and even in triple. They give us air to breathe and they are the sources of the supplies we need in everyday living.  

Sometimes a pruning once in a while can bring back a tree’s health so you better call a professional tree pruning in Alpharetta and avail any of their tree-related services. You’re not going to regret it because once you invest time and money on your trees; it will be given back to you a thousand folds. To hire a professional, follow the steps below.  

1. Ask for References 

One thing to know who does well in the industry is through word of mouth. So you’ll lessen the burden of looking for a reputable company by simply asking people. You can ask your neighbors and friends who have had hire a tree care company just recently. Ask about how the job went and if the company provides a service worthy of the cost.  

You can also ask local organizations and local stores who have connections with tree care professionals to check if they know a company who can be trusted. Once you get the lists of the company’s names, search them on the internet and visit their websites. Read the reviews and testimonials about the companies’ services.  

2. Ask for Certification 

If you’re going to hire someone who will do a job at your property, they better be certified. A membership of any professional organizations means that the company is competent enough to become professionally capable of doing the job and that they have commitment to the field they specialize in. Make sure that you also verify the authenticity of the certificate.  

3. Ask About Insurance 

A tree service company’s job is dangerous. It involves a high risk of property damage and injuries so it’s very important that they should be insured. In case something happens to their employees, their machines, your properties and other emergencies, at least all of you are covered. Ask for the copy of their insurance certificate and verify its authenticity by asking the insurance courier if it’s still valid and current.  

4. Ask for Estimates 

Budget is important for us so when we can cut some costs we do it if possible. Knowing the cost of the service will also help us prepare the amount before the job is done. So, ask your prospect companies to write you an estimate. If they are generous, they can give you a detailed one where every service has a corresponding cost.  

You will then see how legit a company is by checking their estimates. Compare the estimates you got. If the amount is closer to each then it means they’re all reputable companies. If one or two is too low or too high, do not consider them.


Simple Tips to Improve the Condition of Your Mental Health 

`    We all want to live the good life, but we can’t have it when our mental health is in bad condition. Like physical health, mental health has to be taken care of and paid attention to always; it has to be curated in order to grow and be strong. 

When people have an excellent mental health condition, they enjoy their lives more, and they become happier. There are no tricks or shortcuts in achieving this desirable condition though, you have to be conscious, and you have to work for it. To help you achieve it, I will share with you these simple tips to improve the condition of your mental health. 

Mental Health 

Deal with Stress

Stress in itself is not a bad thing, in fact, if regulated and used wisely, stress can be beneficial for us. Feeling stress in your body means you are trying to solve something, trying to achieve something. With that said, however, if stress is not managed and if blown up to bigger proportions than necessary by overthinking, then it becomes bad. 

There are so many ways to deal with stress; you just have to appreciate the little things in life. Play with your pets, hang-out and talk with your friends, or laugh and smile all the time. These pleasant activities would help you release the right kind of hormones, and it would help your body relax. 


Another thing you can do to improve your mental health is to meditate. Meditation has a lot of benefits, physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are a lot of meditation techniques out there that you can do for yourself, praying is one form of it.  

Avoid Substance Abuse

One way to sabotage your mental health and risk your life is by abusing substances like alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. These substances alter the chemical composition of your body and brain and would cause disfunction later on. Avoid using these substances as much as possible, don’t risk the good condition of your mental health because you will regret it if you lose it in the end. 

Seek for Help

As the sages say, no man is an island. We are naturally social animals, and we need interaction and help from others in order to survive. When you are struggling with your mental health or life in general, then it is better for you to seek help from your family, friends, or even professionals. 

Your family would understand and accept you and would be the anchor that would support you in your planned endeavors. While your friends can lift you up when you are feeling down. If you don’t have much support from these sources, then you can seek a professional. Contact therapy Austin and get a grip with your mental health condition. 

Help Others

This last item might be surprising, but one way to help oneself is to help others. Because when you help others, you forget your own problems and you will get a higher perspective that will help you deal with it. Plus, helping others would really feel good deep inside.